The production team at Ellerslie Mission Society is working on yet another project with the express purpose of injecting "the Majesty of Christ" back into Christianity. And this is it - The team has been working on this web venture for years, and now it's just about ready to launch. Honestly, if this creative team wasn't already occupied with running a Bible college, caring for a local church, producing albums, hosting conferences, writing books, and making films, this site would have been ready to go much sooner. But, thankfully, this delay has supplied a good deal of extra spiritual refinement. This refinement has fostered a much richer end product, and we are excited to share it with you shortly.

Our mission here at is simple - to put Jesus Christ and His Cross-work back into the center of Christianity and thus bring back the bravehearted fervor of true faith.

In the past, the team has produced short films such as The Gospel, Depraved Indifference, and The Ancient War Cry. They have done this by mixing thunder-fisted preaching with epic musical scoring, and the result has been something quite special.

The grandeur and the majestic nature of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has fallen into disrepair. In many corners of Christianity it seems to have lost its triumph, its power, and its persuasion. And it is our desire, through the artistic productions on this site, to introduce the "epic" back into the Church and, subsequently, the "grand stature" back into the Body of Christ.

The team at Ellerslie Mission Society has been actively discipling the Church of Jesus Christ since 1998. Eric Ludy, the founder and president of EMS, always leans in the direction of the "majestic", so this site was a natural fit for the team at Ellerslie. But to give this project wings, EMS joined forces with Irish Elk Media. This combination of ministry strength opens up new frontiers of possibility for that were previously unknown.

Once officially launched, it is the aim of the Bravehearted production team to release a monthly collection of artistic, lionhearted pieces of Gospel proclamation, and as it has turned out, these past couple of years have been used to fill up our treasuries with many extraordinary pieces of Gospel expression.


We currently have nine short films done or almost done, waiting for launch. And they are all extremely powerful meditations. We will be releasing our media pieces regularly over the coming months and years, so be sure to visit us regularly and sign up for our digital and email news feeds.

The Bravehearted team has adapted the concept of a media Trilogy into a powerful three-part short video set that enunciates a Gospel truth in micro films. There are three trilogies ready to be released this year.

Our first series is entitled, Canon. It enunciates the pedigree, power, and trustworthiness of the Scriptures and is a message our post-modern generation of cynics is desperately needing.

Our second series is entitled, Majesty. This is an epic portrait of the power, grandeur, and preeminence of Jesus Christ.

Our third series is entitled, The Impossible Life. And our fourth series, in the works, will be entitled, Grace.

All of these Trilogies are riveting and reviving. And we are thrilled to soon be sharing them with you.


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If you have any questions, you can feel free to contact our Ellerslie Mission Society offices in Windsor, Colorado.


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Our flagship operation is our Bible training program located in lovely Windsor, Colorado at our Ellerslie campus. If you are passionate about the return of bravehearted Christianity to the Church of Jesus Christ, then check us out and consider spending 9-weeks in Colorado with this sort of material as your daily diet.